Dear all, This is a important message about the tickets for Spa Racing Festival: - Only Trucks and Vans will get access to the circuit; if you have a van with racing products inside you will get a Working Paddock Parking ticket at the entrance/ gate - no racing stuff inside is no access to the paddock! If you have a normal car with race stuff inside I don't know if you will get access to the paddock. - Campers and Caravans need to park at the BLUE Paddock! No other place otherwise they will be removed! - Personal cars need to park at P14; - Race drivers will get 2 x P14 inside of their drivers enveloppe - Per race car you will get 4 x Pit wristbands for mechanics - I will not have extra Working Paddock Passes for teams to give - Garage keys can be collected at the endurance garages - Deposit + rent need to be paid at office 115 Best regards Renata
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