Taxi drivers for drivers of VRM: On Sunday the 15th of April it is possible for drivers of VRM to sign in for the Taxi Drives. Please find the information about the Taxi Drives below: Timing: 10:50 - 11:20 hour - Taxi Drives 1 15:10 - 16:20 hour - Taxi Drives 2 Important to know: - Costs are € 50,00 per car per taxi drive - Cars who are going to attempt the taxi drives need to have a special sticker - Drivers need to collect the sticker at Renata's Office and sign in - Drivers need to collect the waiver for ALL passengers who are going on track - All passengers need to fill in the waiver and give it to the person that will be at the pit out - No waiver - is no taxi drivers - Drivers of the Taxi Drives can only be drivers of VRM who have signed the waiver for this weekend - Passengers need to be 16 years or older - Race cars are allowed with 2 seats - HELM FOR DRIVER AND PASSENGER ARE MANDATORY - No helm is need if you drive with a street car with license - 1 passenger is allowed in the car - No electric cars are allowed - Drivers are responsable - during the Taxi Drivers there will be no marchalls on post - NO HELP - Windows need to be closed at all times REMEMBER: IT IS NOT A RACE - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND THE PASSENGER
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