Good morning drivers and teams, Some important things for today (Friday 14th of April 2023): Paddock Office: - For collecting Parking tickts and entrance tickets (drivers enveloppes) please go to the Paddock Office (Office outside circuit - next to BMW Driving School) Office Renata (1st Floor Race control tower): - Signing waiver + copy license - Collecting wristband after siging waiver that will get you access to the track - no wristband no access (only for drivers) - Collecting Private Test Sticker BMW + FFSC + Mazda - Collecting Crew catering lunch vouchers - Garage keys for last teams who will arrive today - Collecting extra parking tickets - Collecting extra entrance tickets - Collecting Taxi drive stickers (for Sunday) - Signing Entry form (when necessary) - Or or of you just want to have a nice talk or any other questions about this event :-) Briefing: Friday 09:00 hour = SC Friday 11:00 hour = BMW Have a nice day! Renata Aartsen 0031-639124118
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