Dear drivers and teams of Supercar Challenge, Note from VRM organization: Next week, around this time, for the last time this season, we welcome all of VRM's drivers and teams. For one last time this season, we are getting ready for the final races where in many classes the champions will be announced. On behalf of our VRM team we would like to thank everyone for your participation, effort and commitment during this year. As many of you know we do our utmost to organize the races during this year. We do this with a lot of passion and love for motorsport and for you. Let's try not to forget that this last weekend: it is the love for the sport that brings us together, work together and race together. Let us all make it a beautiful end of this season. Together, we will succeed! Supercar Madness Finale Races 2023 - Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October 2023 - TT Circuit Assen. Like last year, on Sunday, the entire event is dedicated to the finest supercars, exclusive cars and of course our racing classes! This event is organized together with 402 Automotive on Sunday - if you want to know more about this event click on: 1.Time schedule V9: Please note that it is a full program for this weekend and the sessions follow each other in quick succession. So, make sure you study the schedule well and be everywhere on time. In this time schedule you will find all important times for: • Administrative checks • Scrutineering • Briefing • Garages, Paddock, Welcome Center and Media Center opening hours 2. Entry lists: We are working hard to finalize the entry list for all of the VRM race classes. Before the end of the week, we will put them on the Sportitiy app. After signing the waiver the drivers will get an wristband – no wristband is no excess to go on the track. 3. Permits, from Thursday till Sunday: • Trucks: do not need a parking card to enter the paddock • Vans: need a paddock parking card and this card can be collected in the Welcome Center • Passenger cars drivers: need a VIP Parking card – Location parking= tunnel underneath left • Cars mechanics: can park outside the paddock – Parking in front of the Welcome Center • Showcars: there are special parking tickets for drivers with showcars and they can park their cars in the race paddock. From Saturday at the entrance visitors will be checked for entrance passes (wristbands). 4.Garages (available on Thursday from 17:30h due to Trackday): Most teams who need a garage for this event have already contacted me by email to book a garage. If you don’t have got an email about the garage, please send an email to Renata. If you have reserved a garage, you can collect the key for the garage on Thursday 26th of October at the Welcome Center. The costs for the garage are € 350,00 ex VAT and the deposit is € 100,00 (cash). The deposit will be returned when the key is returned on Sunday 29th of October, after the garage has been checked. Please note that there will be a strict check on the floor of the garage. The keys can be returned on Sunday at Drivers Info. 5. Noise: Similar to previous years during the Finaleraces we have to drive with exhaust silencers again in Assen so we stay under the maximum noise standards. Keep in mind that the standards are stricter than during the Jack's Racing Days. The measurements will be done near the Veenslang / tunnel entrance to the paddock. So make sure you mount the right dampers to avoid problems. 6. Hankook + Pirelli tyres: Order in time the required tyres - contact details Jan Paul van Dongen - [email protected] Phone number: 0031-655503961 7. Tickets: Each race car will get 10 entrance tickets for this event ( 4 x Paddock and 6 x Paddock + Pitlane and per race driver a VIP parking ticket). If you want to order extra tickets for Saturday please send an email to Renata. Drivers of VRM can also buy VIP Parking tickets for guests: VIP Parking tickets are € 15,00 incl. VAT. For Sunday you need to order your tickets at: Drivers of VRM will get a discount of 20% on tickets from 402 Automotive - if you want to receive the discount code please send me an email. 8. Crew catering: Crew catering is possible on: - Friday Dinner € 17,50 ex VAT p.p. - Saturday Lunch € 17,50 ex VAT p.p. - Saturday Dinner € 17,50 ex VAT p.p. Please make sure you send an email to Renata for the amount of crew catering you want to order before the 25th of October 2023. After this date it is not possible to order crew catering. 9. Friday night drinks: Traditionally the season always ends with a party on (this year) Friday evening. The bar is open for everyone from 20.00 hour until 23.45 hour. All teams and drivers are welcome and we all hope you will come and together we can make it a nice evening. If you have any questions you can always send me an email. More information (when necessary) will be send by using the Sportitiy app. Met vriendelijke groeten/ Best Regards, Renata Aartsen Event Manager V-Max Racing Management B.V.
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