**Tyres** Tyre suppliers intending to attend the event are as follows: * Tyres South Shore - www.tyressouthshoreltd.co.uk * Andrew Wood Motorsport - www.woodsport.co.uk * Wheels Around - www.facebook.com/wheelsaround **Fuel** Per Rally Guide 1, Harbour Garage Tobermory have now confirmed that they WILL be carrying a stock of Super Unleaded (98 RON) during rally week. Per SR 9.5, a reminder that "Competitors may only refuel in the refuel zones defined in the road book, or by using commercially available pump fuel dispensed directly from pumps at filling stations on the rally route. Refuelling in the Service Parks is prohibited." Further details on procedures for the Refuel Zones will be contained in the final instructions on Friday 23rd September. Fuel suppliers attending the event are as per SR 9.5: * Gulf Race Fuels will be attending with a refuel rig, orders via [email protected] * Vital Equipment rig attendance TBC, online fuel order forms will be available at www.vitalequipment.co.uk shortly **Notes** Subjective Route Notes are available as per SR 6.4 from: * Scotmaps - www.scotmaps.co.uk * OnThePaceNote - www.onthepacenote.co.uk Further to recent finalisation of the Road Book, both suppliers have advised that notes dispatch is due in the coming days. Per SR 1, the Road Book will be emailed to competitors + published on Sportity DNB, on Sunday 25th September.
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