Good afternoon all, Next week the Jack's Racing Day 2023 event is scheduled. Below I have listed the main points. - Time schedule V5 is leading; - New participant lists are on Sportity; - Number of tickets PER CAR entered: 4 x Paddock tickets 6 x Track tickets 1 x Driver parking tickets (2 by 2 drivers) 2 x P6 parking ticket (is on gras near Welcome Center) * Please note that these tickets are for drivers, mechanics, team managers, etc. When there entrance tickets leftover you may give them to whomever you want. - Additional tickets can be ordered from Renata or through the event website. Both are the same prices - Crew catering - remember to pass on the number of people for Friday night dinner, Saturday afternoon lunch and/or Saturday dinner. Reduced numbers are also calculated on invoice. Numbers can be provided up to Wednesday, August 9, 12:00 noon. After that no more. We will inform you using Sportity is there will be changes. If you have any other questions please ge tin contact with me. Have a nice weekend and we will see you all next week! Best regards Renata
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