For drivers of a BMW: 1. If you have a BMW you can attempt the BMW Demo Run: Sunday 10:55 hour 2. Demo Run is only possible for drivers, team managers, crew of drivers of VRM race classes 3. The pace car of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux will drive on front of the field 4. Maximum 2 people in the car (including the driver) 5. A helm is not mandatory 6. The minimum age of the passenger is 16 year 7. You need to have sticker for on the car 8. The driver needs to have a wristband 9. The passengers need to fill in a waiver To go on the track use: 'HEK NOORD" Stickers, wristbands and waivers can be collected by Renata or in our Hospitality tent No sticker, wristband or waiver no Demo Run!!!
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